“Jewels of Truth”

The companions of Jesus often said to Him: “Why need you be so particular? It is unnecessary to work in this way. You could just as well work with less exactitude and save time.” Instead of arguing with them, Jesus answered their criticisms by singing. He would begin to sing one of the Psalms in which David taught that faithfulness and integrity must mark the character. The spirit of the song affected the hearts of those who were with Jesus, and almost before they realized what they were doing, they caught the strain and joined with Him in singing. And when a quarrel arose, instead of stopping to argue or to justify His course, Jesus began to sing. Soon His companions would forget their differences of opinion and their angry words. Those who a few moments before had felt provoked with Him or with one another, now joined in singing the hymn of praise. By pursuing the same course, we may hide in Christ. Then we shall be partakers of the divine nature.

-Ms57 1902